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the Story of Dreams


About the Show

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"ROOTED" is a celebration of the human spirit. A Living Poem. Inspired by the history and resiliency of the American South, this piece intertwines Dance, Circus, Music, and Theatre to create a surreal world of Dreams and Reality. The show tells the story of a character returning to a theatre, a place where he has a memory of a show. Once Upon a Time. However, this time he becomes part of the show, and the show reflects his memory and journey through the South.  

As you watch the show we invite you to create your own story, as we did in the Creation process. Instead of telling other people's stories, we found the stories within ourselves that evoke an idea. Nina Simone's song 'Sinnerman' was a big inspiration in the opening Juggling Act. Maya Angelou's famous poem, 'Why the Caged Bird Sings' was used as inspiration for the Dance Trapeze Act, where a girl, named 'Marianne' takes flight and avoids the cage she is destined to live within.

"ROOTED" is more a call to action than anything. What we want our audience to understand is that the story is yours! We are providing a painting, where you are the painter with a job to complete the image onstage. 

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Bella Mead
Composer/Music Producer

Marlowe Omilian
General Stage Manager

Eli Thomas
Light Director

Courtney Jones
Sound Designer

LeDarius Parker
Rehearsal Choreographer

Houston Odum
Set and Costume Designer

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Circus EVO is a Contemporary Circus Company based in the Triad in North Carolina. Our Mission is to EVOke Emotions and EVOlve Circus Arts. Our unique creative process empowers and brings together artists of all backgrounds and disciplines.

Circus EVO was founded in October of 2020 with a bold vision to transform urban spaces into vibrant stages, bridging the gap between art and the community. Over the past few years, we have emerged as a dynamic force, dedicated to delivering high-quality, multi-disciplinary performances to the streets and beyond.

Three years later and Circus EVO has performed more than 45 times for thousands of people across North Carolina and even in Canada, supporting more than 30 Artists and Creatives in the process.


This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The arts are back in North Carolina! The Spark the Arts grant promotes audience inclusion and reengagement in the arts.

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