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HOUSTON ODUM - Founder & Artistic Director

Houston Odum is a Circus Director from North Carolina, U.S. He founded the Activate Entertainment Project amidst the Pandemic in October of 2020 in order to provide meaningful, live experiences which are accessible to the public in North Carolina and beyond. Since its founding, Activate has produced popup performances, large outdoor productions, and full-length theatrical shows. Houston’s creative process empowers and brings together artists of all backgrounds and disciplines.

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The Mission of Circus EVO is to EVOke Emotion and EVOlve Circus Arts. 


Each project we do aims to provide a meaningful, live experience, accessible to the public. Our creative process empowers and brings together artists of all backgrounds and disciplines.

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Our Vision is to reinvent what we know as 'street performance' and become a leader in live entertainment experiences.


Meet The Team of 'PASSAGES'

Ledarius Parker


LeDarius Gispi Parker aka Ghost LionHeat andis a freestyle and professional choreographer from Greensboro, NC. He is a member of the Lionheart Fam and East Blue Pirates All Styles Crew. He's movement is influenced by dance in other countries, along with Hip Hop and street dance culture. A long with being a professional choreographer, he also is apart of the street dance culture on the east coast and west coast. He participates street dance scene events such as open style battles, street jams, and sessions.

Houston Odum

Show Director/Producer

Meet The Artists of 'PASSAGES'

Bella Ward

Classical Violin

Faith Fidgeon


Yuko Hata

Handbalancing on Canes

Sierra Rhoades Nicholls

Hand to Hand

Kevin Flanagan

Hand to Hand, Unicycle, Juggling

Aaron Dewitt

Hand to Hand, Juggling

Ron Oppenheimer

Chinese Pole

Dom Sebastian


Tori Purdy


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